Welcome to Steve´s Driving School

All my training is based on your individual needs and my main priority is to help you become a safe and responsible driver as quickly and efficiently as possible so you will gain the confidence to venture further away from home to experience different roads in areas where you are most likely to drive after your test.

I will help you to recognise your strengths and weaknesses and show you the best way to accelerate your progress.

Between us will develop your driving skills so that you not only pass the test but also become a confident, economic driver- this will save pounds over the years and help you ensure your safety and security on the road. Call to find out about my Great Value Driving Lessons for all ages from a Fully Qualified Instructor in the comfort and Safety of a Fully Air Conditioned- Dual Controlled Car.
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Driving school teach both learners and driving instructors, so you will need the right service to suit your needs.

When you start to learn to drive, you thing you must consider is when you want to pass your driving test by.
It sounds like a crazy notion at first, I mean come on – you have not even started to learn but now you are thinking of a date to pass.
The thing is this, it helps you to focus.
We have good friends who are offer the best driving lesson lessons in Mansfield Rob Nichols Driver Training,
and they agree. It’s about having that focus to learn to drive, the desire to roll up your sleeve when learning gets a little bit harder!


Call 077 251 727 69 now to find out how I can help you pass your test quickly and easily

With Steves Driving School you get ALL of this as standard:

  • Course Handouts: FREE handouts will help you to learn quicker
  • Driver´s Log Book to keep a check on your progress
  • Fast Track or Easy Paced driving lessons to fit your needs
  • Special discount on all Block Bookings
  • Flexible pick up and drop off points (Home-Work-College)
  • No car sharing – After all it´s YOUR lesson.
  • Full one or two hour lessons to ensure you gain maximum value
  • Pass Plus courses after you have passed to help with your car Insurance
  • Full range of learning Materials to help with your Theory Test
  • Pass Plus courses after you have passed to help with your car Insurance


Learning to drive can be an expensive experience so we ask you to take care with your lessons.
If you need driving lessons in Blackpool you could try here
They have all the information you are going to need to expand your learning.
Please remember learning to drive is a skill for life!